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IMIS Call for Expression of Interest

IMIS specifically addresses multimodal hubs to help them matching their actual challenges and innovation needs with EU funded R&I projects‘ suitable innovative solutions. With this Call for Expression of Interest, up to three multimodal hubs (test cases) will be selected, studied and it will be demonstrated if and how innovation implementation can be speed up. Specifically the multimodal hub owners or operators (selected applicants) will be supported by experts for the following tasks:

innovation needs of selected multimodal hubs will be investigated and analysed,
suitable EU funded R&I projects addressing the needs of the test cases will be identified and potential impacts arising from the application of innovative solutions will be pointed out;
plans to implement the innovative solutions in the selected locations will be developed.
Applications from multimodal hubs will be impartially and objectively evaluated on the basis of the aspects highlighted in the call specifications, such as the level of multimodality of the transport network, the size of the hub and its geographical location in the TEN-T network.

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